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Meet the Doc's


Dr. Jean-Roberto Don believes in a holistic approach to physical medicine, providing alternative solution for chronic pain. By combining different physical therapy  and manual therapy techniques  with nutrition, counseling and biofeedback techniques  that could help addressing the underlying cause. Dr. Don specializes in physical medicine, sports injuries, pain management, stress management and weight management. He has advanced training in Biofeedback/Mind Body Medicine, Craniosacral Therary and IV Therapy.

Picture of Dr. Jean-Roberto Don ND

Dr.Ivan Quintero

Dr. Ivan Quintero (Dr.Q) strives to approach physical medicine with the foresight that each person is unique and requires individualized approaches towards treatment. In his practice he utilizes physical therapy, nutrition, hydrotherapy, herbal/nutrient therapies, biofeedback, and soft tissue release to pinpoint the cause of illnesses then treat them. During Dr.Q’s time at Bastyr he went on to receive further training in biofeedback, after-which he became board certified in biofeedback and worked with pediatric patients at Seattle Children's. His areas of speciality include physical medicine, biofeedback, dermatology, and IV therapy.

Picture of Dr.Ivan Quintero ND, BCB
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